Michele Cera, Dalla Finestra, 2020, Courtesy of the artist
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The vision of 14 photographers at the time of the pandemic
From an idea by Raffaele Gorgoni and Nicolai Ciannamea
curated by Rosalba Branà


The first digital exhibition of the Pino Pascali Foundation opens on March 30th. Following the Prime Ministerial Decree of 8th March 2020, the Pino Pascali Foundation closes its physical spaces to protect visitors and staff. Nevertheless, the Foundation team continues to work convinced that culture is a fundamental weapon to eradicate fear. With the aim of offering its audience an opportunity for reflection, the Museum adheres to the #iorestoacasa campaign by launching the digital exhibition-project Camera con Vista.   The exhibition opens to the public on Monday 30th March, in a collective inauguration, in which everyone is invited to participate from home, on the site museovirtualepinopascali.it, realized from the partnership with myphotoportal.com, main sponsor of this operation. The idea of ​​the exhibition was born from a conversation between the photographer Nicolai Ciannamea and the writer Raffaele Gorgoni, while the invitation to the photographers and the selection of the works is curated by the director of the Museum Pino Pascali Rosalba Branà.

A photographer and a writer in forced isolation exchange views, feelings and memories and think of building a story through images of the current condition that the whole world lives with apprehension. From their notes we read: “Forced to remain home it is possible to notice the inanimate crowd around us. Furthermore, one can grasp the transition of light on things in the turn of the hours which sometimes reveals their secret beauty. Chesterton’s statement that you have to travel around the world to find your home can be reversed in this, that you have to wander around your home to find the world “.

The authors who responded to the challenge are Berardo Celati, Michele Cera, Nicolai Ciannamea, Alessandro Cirillo, Marino Colucci, Carlo Garzia, Raffaele Gorgoni, Teresa Imbriani, Cosmo Laera, Gianni Leone, Isa Lorusso, Uccio Papa, Alberta Zallone, Gianni Zanni.

These are called to expose the private, the domestic, the daily, a gaze that can be directed towards and beyond the borders of our home to lean on the streets, the sky and on unusual passers-by. Narrating the familiar interior to describe an inner world. Photography as an expansion of thought through sight. Photographers were invited to show their soul starting from the constricting contingency that we all live. By means of their shots, we will have what we might call a vision of our actuality, a card game discovered in our basic emotional system at the time of the pandemic.

Cosmo Laera, In attesa/Home/Covid129, 2020, courtesy of the artist

Cosmo Laera, In attesa/Home/Covid129, 2020, courtesy of the artist

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  • Alberta Zallone, Senza Titolo, 2020, courtesy of the artist
    Alberta Zallone, Senza Titolo, 2020, courtesy of the artist