Pino Pascali, "Ombrelloni", 1965, stampa fotografica ai sali d'argento

Second appointment with the virtual exhibitions of the Pino Pascali Foundation

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After the success achieved at the 58th Venice Biennale, the Pino Pascali Foundation of Polignano a Mare is pleased to present the virtual exhibition “Pino Pascali. Fotografie”: the project will be hosted by the platform created in collaboration with myphotoportal and inaugurated on 30th March with the photographic project Camera con vista.

The exhibition is dedicated to the photographic research of Pino Pascali, an aspect of the artistic and advertising study until recently largely unknown and unpublished.

There are over 90 images created and printed by the artist in 1965 when, working for some time in the graphic activity for Lodolofilm, he embarked on a journey between Naples, Capri and Ischia to create his first photographic reportage intended for the production of a spot-advertisment “Carosello” for the large Italian canned food industry, Cirio.

The goal of the research is immediately clear: to highlight the characteristics of the Neapolitan tradition within an overwhelming emotional connotation. The journey becomes a true recognition of the urban and port landscape; therefore not a simple collection of images for a studio editing, but an illuminating encounter with the image.

In this sequence of shots there is an all-Italian story: there are the many faces portrayed and the shops in the alleys, the walks in the squares and the games of the children on the streets, the small boats in the ports and the imposing ferries, the high-rises that redesign the suburbs and the signs that change. And there is a society that, in the years of great social and cultural awakening, is transformed with great speed and with intense trust.

But that is not all. In the Neapolitan shots and in some photographs taken in Rome (between Trastevere, Campo de ‘Fiori and Villa Borghese) Pascali also collects numerous “raw data”, useful for sculptural research: quick visual notes, immediately fixed observations, already destined to become plasticity of a work of art. The exhibition is divided into thematic sections that retrace the themes addressed by Pino Pascali during his artistic career: “Cose d’acqua” (Things of water); “Finte sculture” (Fake sculptures); “Geometrie e Moduli” (Geometries and modules); “Il porto, le barche, il mare” (The port, the boats, the sea); “Segni, lettere e numeri” (Signs, letters and numbers); “Giochi d’infanzia” (Childhood games); “Il teatro e la maschera” (The theater and the mask) and is accompanied by the texts of the curators Antonio Frugis and Roberto Lacarbonara taken from the book Pino Pascali. Fotografie(Postmediabooks, 2018).

The acquisition, by the Pino Pascali Foundation, of the Photographic Fund (143 vintage prints that join the previous 23) and of the Advertising Video Fund of Pino Pascali (13 original pubblicity spots – Caroselli subject to recent restoration) was made possible by the precious donation by Carla Ruta Lodolo, who for years has been close to the artist and the Foundation that represents him in the world.

Pino Pascali. Fotografie – Pino Pascali. Photos

digital exhibition of the Pino Pascali Foundation

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