5th October h. 18:00

curated by Fiammetta Martegani

With almost 50 years of an established international career, Tsibi Geva is one of the most prominent and influential Israeli artists, who exhibited and represented Israel all over the world, including the Biennale of Venice in 2015.
The corpus of these works focuses entirely on what Geva believes is the ground structure of his painting, the very foundation of what he sees while walking that inspires him to paint: from the terrazzo tiles to the mesmeric glimpses of urban Mediterranean patterns on the buildings around him.
Born and raised in kibbutz Ein Shemer, son of Yaacov (Kuba) Geber, one of the biggest Bauhaus architects, Geva is a painter with a very significant history.
The quintessential element of Israeli society and his local routes are always a dominant pattern in all his works.
At the same time, in the process of growing up with an architect father, the concern for seeing and understanding structure was always a preeminent aspect of his visual education.
In this exhibition conceived specifically for the Pino Pascali Museum of Polignano, Geva brings together his universal view of the world, whit a very Mediterranean touch as the “terrazzo” style, so typical of both Israeli and Italian architecture.
However, the “terrazzo” in Geva’s world is not only a technique, but also a state of mind, that allows the artist, as well as the observer, to get lost in a stratification: the “substrata” of feelings.
The narrative in these abstract paintings works in the background, in the sub-consciousness of the painting and of the observer: everything is let loose, where the turbulence becomes amenable and striated, deceased and overturned, one layer upon another, in a process which assumes to be endless.
Geva’s painting is something that is constantly evolving, ever wondering, and endlessly going in and out of focus. It is a painting that reveals the trails of thought and the movement of though.

Terra Infirma -Tsibi Geva
5th October 2023 – 31st March 2024
Inaugurazione: 5th October ore 18
Fondazione Pascali
Via Parco del Lauro, 119
Polignano a Mare
+39 3201122513