The 2018 Pino Pascali Prize will be awarded to Fabio Sargentini, the life and soul of Rome’s L’Attico Gallery. The Committee (chairman Pietro MarinoValérie Da CostaCarlo Berardi, and Marco Giusti) explained the reason for their choice: “Fabio Sargentini has been an enlightened pioneer and promoter of some of the most avant-garde experiences in Italian and international art ever since the 1960s-1970s, not only in painting and sculpture, but also in theatre, dance and music in its new performance-related and multimedia role. He has put on a whole host of seminars, personal and collective exhibitions, festivals, events. Author of theatrical and literary works under the banner of linguistic experimentation. Exponent of a modern take on the art gallery as a place for production, for meetings and for dissemination of culture, looking carefully at the changes taking place over time and engaging in dialogue with society. Of the many great artists he helped to launch or supported, his association with Pino Pascali stands out. Sargentini not only encouraged Pino Pascali throughout his dazzling artistic life, but has also guarded his artworks, reviewing them and spreading the word ever since his premature death. He has also given great support to initiatives at the artist’s birthplace, which have proven to be key moments in the birth and growth of the Pascali Museum and Foundation.”
This award brings to a fitting close the first half century without Pino Pascali, one that has been pervaded by his art, and looks forward to a future in which the Foundation and Museum will become the focus of artistic and cultural achievement centred around the figure and works of our great Apulian genius. The exhibition dedicated to Fabio Sargentini and the XXI Pino Pascali Prize opens on January 26th 2019 and closes on June 16th.Opening: 26th  January 2019, 6 PM