Vettor Pisani

Enigma and Secret

curated by Giovanna dalla Chiesa e Carmelo Cipriani

Saturday 2nd December 2023, h. 18:00

Fondazione Pino Pascali – Polignano a Mare

The exhibition Vettor Pisani. L’Enigma e il Segreto (Vettor Pisani Enigma and Secret), curated by Giovanna dalla Chiesa and Carmelo Cipriani, was organised within the framework of the new format adopted by the Pino Pascali Foundation, Confluenze (Convergences), dedicated to those artists who, in the course of their career, have crossed paths with Pino Pascali’s life, story and works and have thus established connections and extraordinary trends.

With over sixty artworks such as drawings, collages, sculptures, installations, projects and prints on pvc, the core of Vettor Pisani’s work is his Theatrum Rosacroce, Theatrum mundi to which Mimma Pisani collaborated throughout all her life. An ideal architecture in the shape of a double semi cross, around which the most varied expressions of the phenomenal world rotate in a constant metamorphosis between the extreme ends of Eros and Thanatos, reality and fiction, life and death.

Glimpses of the exhibition’s seven rooms- a number that was very dear to Vettor Pisani as the sum of the numbers three and four, symbols of the Spirit and the Matter- range from the artist’s debut to his last years, along a rugged and prismatic path that goes from the 1970s to the 2000s. In addition to themes such as Edipo e la Sfinge (Oedipus and the Sphinx) ,Lo Scorrevole (Fluent),La Piccola (con Fratel Coniglietto) (The Baby Girl (with Br’er Rabbit)) and la Grande Opera (The Great Work with la Casa filosofica, (The Philosophical House Virginia Art Theatrum), hanging over a travertine cave, symbol of the process at the origins of the Philosopher’s Stone), as well as the individual artworks, the exhibition presents some marvelous incursions in a private and intimate world, such as the magnificent atmosphere of Animanimale (Animalsoul,2008), or the tragic story of the Western World in GER:MANiA (1991).

The exhibition, run in collaboration with Vettor Pisani Archive in Rome, continues with Batteria Rosacroce (1989) at Exchiesetta, former Pino Pascali Gallery, which hosted the first edition of prize named after Pino Pascali and awarded to Vettor Pisani in 1970, year that marked the beginning of his artistic career.


curated by Giovanna dalla Chiesa e Carmelo Cipriani

Vernissage: 2nd Dicembre 2023, h. 18:00

Open: 2nd December 2023- 28th April 2024

Opening to the public: from Wednesday to Sunday 10/13 – 16/20

In the picture: Vettor Pisani, Senza Titolo 2005. Courtesy Fondazione Morra, Napoli ph. Diana Del Franco

Fondazione Pino Pascali, Via Parco del Lauro 119

Exchiesetta, Via Porto, centro storico

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