The Pino Pascali Foundation reopens on 26th May 2020. After more than two months of closure, the museum and its staff are ready to leave and welcome the public with enthusiasm and in complete safety, from Tuesday to Sunday from 3pm to 9pm.

It’s time to start again, we are at work, the Museum is life, we start again to say that art is contagious … but not dangerous“, as commented by the director of the museum Rosalba Branà.

It will be possible to visit the Pascali Award Zhang Huan: 55 Love exhibition inaugurated on March 7th and closed immediately after following the Prime Ministerial Decree of March 8th, 2020 (here the press release of the exhibition) until November 1st

In addition, the collection, with the beautiful “5 Bachi da Setola e un bozzolo” by Pino Pascali and the works that tell the story of the award born in the name of the artist to promote and support contemporary art and give continuity to his research.

Those who decide to visit the Museum will receive as a gift (subject to availability) a mask made by the Apulian artists at the invitation of the Pino Pascali Foundation: a gesture of closeness and gratitude for the people who will choose culture in these days of restart and a sign that art is always at the forefront of people’s lives. From Tuesday 9th June, due to the great success of the initiative,the new edition of face masks will be on sale for 3€ at our museum bookshop. The proceeds will go to benefit the imminent activities of the Foundation for the relaunching of the cultural and entertainment system of the Puglia Region.

How do we perceive the other at the time of the pandemic?“, the director of the Pascali Museum Rosalba Branà explains. “From physical contact to caresses, everything has changed. The use of the ‘mask’ reveals only the eyes, but the lips? Smiling, laughing, changing expressive mimic, everything has changed, we look in the mirror and we are different. Breathing too close each other is impossible and kissing is not allowed. The anti-virus mask deprives the individual of the different expressiveness in each of us and this is where art comes into play. Called to redesign a part of the face on the standard support that we are all obliged to wear, the artists design new identities: each with their own language, who with irony, melancholy, cynicism, poetry – waiting for a renewed collective life “.

Up to now the following have joined the project Dario Agrimi, Pier Alfeo, Franco Altobelli, Damiano Azzizia, Mariantonietta Bagliato, Chiara Bevilacqua, Miki Carone, Mariagrazia Carriero, Valentina Catano, Pierluca Cetera, Alessandro Cirillo, Daniela Corbascio, Mario De Gabriele, Guillermina De Gennaro, Francesco Di Chiano, Natalija Dimitrijevic, Piero Di Terlizzi, Anna Dormio, Raffaele Fiorella, Pasquale Gadaleta, Michele Giangrande, Gianmaria Giannetti, Claudia Giannuli, Igino Iurilli, Angela Lazazzera, Francesca Loprieno, Cristina Mangini, Pierpaolo Miccolis, Davide Monteseno, Marco Neri , Giancarlo Nunziato, Pippo Patruno, Irene Petrafesa, Leo Ragno, Massimo Ruiu, Francesco Schiavulli, Andrea Schifano, Lino Sivilli, Federica Claudia Soldani, Giuseppe Teofilo, Rita Valentino, Angela Varvara, but many artists are responding to the invitation of the Pino Pascali Foundation.

For the realization of the masks, we thank the communication and press company “L’immagine” of Polignano a Mare, sponsor of the initiative

In the meantime, the virtual activities that the Pino Pascali Foundation inaugurated immediately after the start of the lockdown to stay close to their audience and support families continues: virtual exhibitions such as “Camera con Vista” and “Pino Pascali. Photographs” which can be visited on; the collaboration with Magazzino Italian Art, New York, to present the “Pino Pascali: Between Arte Povera and the Mediterranean” conference by Valérie Da Costa member of the Scientific Committee of the Pino Pascali Foundation; in addition, the live broadcasts on Instagram dedicated to art education led by Antonella Montalbò, to lead children to discover the art of Pino Pascali by coloring and having fun. The initiatives will be enriched with a new schedule and will continue on the website, on and on the social channels Facebook and Instagram of the Museum.

To ensure the safety of staff and visitors, the Pino Pascali Foundation will allow a quota entry into the structure of the former slaughterhouse in via Parco del Lauro 119 and will put in to place a guided tour for visitors, who must still use masks, observe the minimum distance of one meter and follow the rules that will be published on the website (read more here) and posted in the spaces of the Museum. Our staff is available to the public for further information and to ensure a pleasant and peaceful visit. It is advisable to book the visit at +39 0804249534 in the hours from 4pm  to 8pm, from Tuesday to Saturday.