The present call aims at selecting young artists from the countries involved in the Programme Italy – Albania – Montenegro who will perform exchanging laboratories activities and create innovative artistic products.

The Project “MONET – culture in MOtion in Adriatic Network of Museums”, funded through the first call for ordinary projects of the programme INTERREG IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro 2014/2020 (Priority Axis 2 – Specific Objective 2.2), mainly aims to create a model network of museums and cultural sites in the programme area, according to a common methodology and through innovative services and means.

The project is prompted by the need to face usual challenges that public museums in the programme area are tackling.  In particular, the need to increase communication between the museum and the potential network of visitors; to strengthen the exchange of expertise and the international co-operation for similar institutions; to enhance museums management capacity; to promote the cultural heritage of the interested countries; to reduce the disparity of touristic flows in different seasons; to promote the growth of a sustainable cultural tourism and to foster the economic development of the participating countries.

The particularity of this projectlies in the use of a methodological approach directly involving consumers, whostop being passive recipients of a ready-made offer and become active creatorsof the cultural output. Thus, the objective is to improve the cultural andtouristic offer and consequently, the development of a sustainable culturaltourism. READ ALL IN THE ANNEXES BELOW