Art as breeding ground for dialogue and sharing among different religions

16th April at 7 pm

The Pino Pascali Foundation hosts an important project on  dialogue among the three monotheist religions. The 16th of April at 7 pm it launches Sotto lo stesso cielo (Under the Same Sky),an exhibition that will show the works of artists such as Massimo Ruiu (Italy), Zino (Italy), Boaz Arad (Israel), Takoua Ben Mohamed (Tunisia). The exhibition will be completed by a rich programme of meetings between art, food, costume and education, all inspired by the idea of an intercultural approach. 

Pino Pascali Foundation in Polignano a Mare continues its programme for spring 2016, and this year it is characterised by the dialogue between disciplines, cultures, different fields of knowledge, with a series of events about intercultural approaches, coexistence and religious tolerance. The first of these events is  Convivium, which literary means “feast of knowledge,  a cultural pot where art, food, religion and tradition will be mixed. It will be organised around two main sections: an exhibition curated by Rosalba Branà and a vast area dedicated to education and workshops curated by Antonio Frugis.

The exhibition Sotto lo stesso cielo ( Under the Same Sky) will open on the 16th of April at 7 pm (until the 15th of May 2016) and will create a dialogue among artists from the three monotheist religions:  Massimo Ruiu (Italy), Zino (Italy), Boaz Arad (Israel), Takoua Ben Mohamed (Tunisia).

The sacred and religious element today appears to be the focus of many research studies led by contemporary artists. Art as a means of communication can tear down ideological and cultural barriers and can draw people from different parts of the Mediterranean closer, thus paving the way for an authentic dialogue. Art seen as a shared language enhances awareness of a common identity, which is the important basis on which peaceful coexistence is built. Massimo Ruiu will analyse the symbols of Christianity and will interpret the christian image of the fish and the concept of welcoming others, which is actually very important in today’s world. Zino will start from standard images that are familiar to all men of the three different religions in the act of praying, in order to create an interactive work of art that can be activated with a smartphone.

Who has not dreamt of grimacing at Hitler? The Israeli artist Boaz Arad presents an irreverent and ironic video on Adolf Hitler, which draws its inspiration from the famous Mona Lisa on which  Duchamp drew a moustache, in order to make fun of the frightening dictator who caused so much suffering to the Jewish people. Finally, Takoua Ben Mohamed, a young Tunisian artist, leading figure in the field of “intercultural comic books”, ponders on the role women have in society and on themes concerning integration. The exhibition also offers insights on the theme of coexistence among people of different religious beliefs.

On the 13th of April, Rita Faure, Costume Historian, and the students of Monopoli’s Art School “Luigi Russo” will present a workshop dedicated to the art of textile. Medieval clothes and historical costumes typical of the Arabic, Christian and Jewish culture will be exhibited. Pippo Moresca, artisan potter from Rutigliano, will take part in the educational session by revisiting, according to his own personal research, the symbols and the arabic, hebrew and western writing by using terracotta.

During the opening ceremony, Angelo Delli Santi, together with the author, will present the books of the theologian  Massimo Salani, author of the book A tavola con le religioni: Cristianesimo, Islam, Ebraismo (Dining with religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism) (EDB publishers).


Convivium: Sotto lo Stesso Cielo (Under the Same Sky): Opening: 16th April 7pm.

The exhibition will close on the 15th of May 2016.
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