The Pino Pascali Museum Foundation in Polignano a Mare is proud to present the exhibition “Pino Pascali. Photographs” curated by Antonio Frugis and Roberto Lacarbonara, which will open on  Saturday 13th October at 6 PM. The Foundation is also pleased to announce a new and important acquisition, obtained during #Pascali50, the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the artist’s death. This exhibition is the first retrospective dedicated to Pino Pascali’s photographic reasearch. This aspect of art and advertisement studies is still greatly unknown and unpublished. The retrospective presents over 80 photographs taken and printed by the artist in 1965, when he, who had long been working for Lodolofilm, began a journey that took him to Naples, Capri and Ischia in order to realise his first photo journalism assignment. These photographs were soon used to produce a short Tv commercial for an important producer of Italian Tomato Sauce: Cirio. The objective of this research is quite straightforward: to highlight the main features of the Neapolitan tradition within the uncontainable emotional connotations. The journey becomes a real exploration of the urban landscape of this port city. It is not, therefore, a mere collection of images to be edited in the cutting room, it is rather an enlightening encounter with images. This long sequence of shots tells a very Italian story. Many of these pictures are portrays of local people, while others represent local shops hidden in the back lanes, the long strolls people take in the local squares, kids playing in the streets, small boats anchored in the harbours next to important ferry boats, big blocks of apartments that transformed the looks of suburbs and their road signs. This sequence of shots also depicts a society that, over years of important social and cultural change, transforms at a very fast pace and with great trust in innovation. However, there is more to this exhibition than this. In Pascali’s photographs taken in Naples and in some of the shots taken in Rome (between Trastevere, Campo de’ Fiori and Villa Borghese) the artist also collects a great amount of “raw data” to be used for his research in sculpture: quick visual notes spontaneously jotted down, destined to turn into plasticity in a work of art. The exhibition will also feature documents, prints, magazines, movie posters, videos and graphic/art works that can help picture the complex social and cultural backdrop against which Pascali led his  research in the fields of art and Television. The show will also present works of important Italian and international photographers who, during the 1950s and 1960s,  created a new visual culture by going beyond Neorealist beliefs towards a new postmodern vision. Among the photographers presented in the exhibition beside Pino Pascali, we find:  Bruno Barbey, Piergiorgio Branzi, René Burri, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Mario Cattaneo, Walker Evans, Phillip A. Harrington, Nino Migliori, Enzo Nocera, Arrigo Orsi, Federico Patellani, Enzo Sellerio. The exhibition will be accompanied by the publication of the volume “Pino Pascali. Photographs” including articles by the curators and a preface by Rosalba Branà, published by Postmedia Books, Milan. During the exhibition, the Pino Pascali Foundation will also announce the new and important acquisition of the Photographic Collection (143 vintage prints to be added to the existing 23 prints) and the Commercial Video Production Collection (13 original short commercials recently restored). This extremely important addition has been the result of an invaluable donation made by Carla Ruta Lodolo, who has been close to the artist and the Foundation that represents him across the world for years. A special thanks to the following establishments for their role in setting up the exhibition: National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rome; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, New York; Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich; Carla Ruta Lodolo, Rome; Guido Bertero, Turin; Elisabetta Catalano Archive, Rome; CRAC Apulia, Taranto; Lee Gallery, Winchester, MA; Marini Bookshop, Valenzano; Mediateca Apulia Film Commission, Bari;  Peccolo Gallery, Livorno; Fabio Sargentini, L’Attico Gallery, Rome; Francesco Paolo Sisto, Bari. Pino Pascali Foundation VIA PARCO DEL LAURO 119 – 70044 POLIGNANO A MARE (BA) – PH: +39 080 4249534 press: Santa Nastro +39 3928928522 Instagram @fondazionepinopascali #WeAreinPuglia #PugliaEvents #Pascali50